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FAQ (Updated Site)

Are DormDoc products American made?

Our bags are imported. All medications and first aid supplies are FDA approved, manufactured and packed in USA.

Do your products expire? 

Yes. We label our products with expiration dates, and we guarantee no product will be sold with less than a year before expiration. In practice, we rarely send out products with less than two years before expiration.

What is unit dose packaging?

Unit dose packaging indicates that each individual dose of medication is individually packaged and labeled with the name of the medication, directions for use, lot number, and expiration. As opposed to bulkier boxes of medications purchased in retail, space-saving unit dose medications allow portability of individual doses in a purse or pocket, while retaining FDA compliant labeling for enhanced ease of use and safety.

What is included in your kits?

Please see individual product descriptions for complete lists of contents.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns of new, unopened DormDoc products within 30 days of delivery as verified by tracking number, for a full refund. All DormDoc products are shipped with tracking numbers.

Can DormDoc products be shipped to foreign countries?

Our products can be transported to foreign countries by owners, but we cannot ship our products to foreign countries.

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