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Unigo names DormDoc # 1 in "5 Cool Gadgets for your dorm room" 

"Even if you’ve lead a pretty healthy life, you’re bound to get sick in college. It’s inevitable. Unfortunately, your mom won’t be there to comfort or care for you — but this is the next best thing. It includes an easy-to-use, color-coded guide to identify your symptoms, as well as the over-the-counter medication to combat them..."

"Great Product for a reasonable price"

"Was a nicely prepared and descriptive medical kit perfect for my freshman daughter to take to school. As a physician I had intended on buying various OTC bottles of medication which I knew would likely go to waste, but with this kit only having a few of each medication ( actually 12 doses of 6 oral medications) I feel better about losing the meds that go unused. Added a few items that I thought were needed but overall I highly recommend."

- Amazon Customer Retro80sdoc September 5, 2016

“This was more complete. It was kind of idiot-proof. I really like the fact that a registered pharmacist put it together.”

-Joanne Sundin, senior vice president at Nix Health Care System, San Antonio, Texas

"High end kit- worth the $"

"This is a really nice well organized bag, one that you will definitely want to keep and refill for travel. It comes with far more oral medications than most kits as well as basic first aid for minor problems. Has a digital thermometer instead of the usual cheap fever strips."

- Amazon Customer, May 2016